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    Monday, December 05, 2005
    money making machine

    hey all

    had a nice sabbath today...slept late, stayed in my pjs nearly all day, ate lots of food, watched lots of tv, and spent too much time on ebay....

    Anyway, henri and i had a great surprise today - steener called us on skype from norway! That was fun but weird, talking into a computer and hearing steener's little voice coming out of the speakers. Definetly fun though!

    Hey if anyone's interested in puting google adds on your blog, click on the little button under 'money making machine' on the right side panel. You get money everytime someone clicks on them. Pretty sweet... i think i have made 4 cents in 2 months! lol....

    Lots of rambling here... guess i will go to bed. I am acutally looking forward to going to work tomorrow ;) Goodnight..
    posted by jamie @ 3:05 AM  
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