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    Saturday, April 07, 2007
    happy in-between day

    Go Leafs!

    this is the cry of my husband's heart today as it's a very important game this afternoon (so I'm told ;) Like our matching hats?

    Anyway, today is a weird day for me. It's not 'good friday' and it's not Easter sunday.. it's this weird in-between day where I keep thinking it's sunday because I had yesterday off...and then I remember it's not. And if you think about it, this day would almost have been worse than yesterday for the disciples and Jesus's family. I mean of course seeing him murdered would have been horrible..but, if they had gone to sleep at some point on friday after he died, imagine the terrible sinking feeling they would have felt once they woke up and realized it wasn't a dream... You know how there's that moment right when you're about to wake up, and it's like you don't realize yet that your life will never be the same again. I have felt this feeling before, it's not a good one at all.

    No wonder Thomas, one of the disciples, had a hard time believing that Jesus really had risen from the dead. First of all, it's 'impossilbe' and if someone said that the day after your best friend died, you'd probably want to hit them. If I had been alive back then, I would have said I had to see it to believe it, too.. not only just see it but feel it... I'd want to touch the holes in Jesus's hands...and the wound in his side. I get that.

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