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    Saturday, January 14, 2006

    hey everyone,

    well i am back in vancouver. It's sat and SUNNY today! Wow... I heard it rained like 27 days in a row!!?? Well i am glad its nice today. I might go look at snowboards this afternoon. I was going to go ice skating but i'll do that tomorrow, as rach and audge are coming over for 'tea' and british things.

    One thing i really felt over break was that when i come back to vancouver, i want to put more time and energy into doing things that i ENJOY, for example, ice skating. I took figure skating lessons all through high school, and the last time i skated before christmas was on my DTS! I think in doing more things like this, it will help me to integrate into the community more, as well as continue to break the poverty/missionary mentality that has held me back in the past.
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